How to Order

To order, complete the order form (link below) or alternatively contact us by telephone to discuss your requirements and calculate fees. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries. Enquiries by email welcome.

Mirror Images
Mirror images or reversed image plans are available at additional cost.
If you require alterations carried out to one of our standard designs, forward a rough sketch of your requirements for a quote and further advice or alternatively contact us by telephone or email to discuss your requirements. Revisions to our standard designs are subject to an additional fee and will be agreed in advance.
Personalised Designs  
If you require a personalised design forward a rough sketch of your requirements for a quote and further advice or alternatively contact us by telephone or email to discuss your requirements.
The Architect will prepare a personalised design if required, the fee to prepare a ‘one-off’ design, excluding the preparation of site plans and maps are based on a fee scale of €10.00 per square metre of floor area, excluding outlay and by agreement prior to commencing final design work. This fee includes initial consultation, a preliminary design drawing, a second consultation if required and completion of final design drawings and specifications. The fee does not include site surveys and investigations and we will rely on the information and maps supplied by the client for the preparation of site location maps and site layout plans if required.
Price List (All prices subject to change and include all outlay).

Dwelling Plans


1.5 Storey
2 Storey
   Extra plans and copy specification: €10.00 (each)

 Garage Plans

Single garage: €125.00
Double garage: €150.00

  Extra garage plans: €6.00 (each)

Maps and Landscaping Proposals

*Site Location Map and Site Layout Plans: €280.00
*Landscaping Proposals: €145.00
  Extra prints: €8.00 (each)
*Ordnance Survey maps and searches with the Property Registration Authority, if required, will be costed separately and agreed prior to completing your order.
Seven copies of the design drawings and specification drawn to a scale of 1:50 and 1:100 where appropriate. Six copies of the drawings are required by the Local Authority for the purpose of making a Planning Application. 
Mirror Images/Electronic Format
Mirror Image, House Plan: €80.00
Mirror Image, Garage Plan: €40.00
C.D. with plans/s downloaded in AutoCAD or PDF format: *€30.00
*Covers cost of disc and download time.

© The website and designs are copyright of the Architect and may not be reproduced without written consent, otherwise infringement of copyright will occur. Design drawings on the website are for illustration only and are not to specific scale. Detailed drawings may indicate minor revisions in dimensions, layout and gross floor area, to satisfy design standards and regulations pertaining at the time of issue, over those drawings published on the website. No responsibility or liability will be held by the Architect in respect of such revisions or alterations. The right to revise, amend or remove any design within the website is reserved. 

Only one building may be constructed from a set of Blueprint Home Plans. Where a client intends to construct more than one building from the design drawings supplied, special arrangements may be made and additional copies of documents will be furnished.


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